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This shop exclusively provides special items and offers for doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals, who apply these products for their medical practices.

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Medical Supplies & Equipment at Low Prices from Praxisdienst

Order Medical Equipment Online

From disinfectants to diagnostic equipment – we have been among the leading addresses in Europe for many years, when it comes to high-quality medical supplies and items for your medical practice or healthcare organisation. Many doctors, practitioners, therapists and specialists from around the world already benefit from our wide selection of medical devices, hospital supplies and accessories. Whether you need plasters and bandage material for your first aid kit, a complete diagnostic set, instrument kit, pulse oximetry equipment or a new ear thermometer, you can find it here. Praxisdienst is also a leading supplier of all kinds of dental supplies and veterinary supplies.

To advise you competently and professionally, we employ specialised product advisors, who will answer your questions in detail about our entire assortment of medical equipment. Our range of medical supplies is clearly sorted into the following categories: infusion/injection, dressing material, hygiene, diagnostics, emergency, medical instruments, lab equipment, furniture, organisation and medical clothing. Be sure to browse additional subcategories for general diagnostic instruments, such as stethoscopes, otoscopes and ophthalmoscopes, and use our smart search to limit your search to brands like Littmann, Kawe, Roche or Welch Allyn. Of course, you can also search with simple keywords, such as splints, nebulisers, or even a brand name like Vitalograph or seca.

Easy Payment & Fast Shipping of your Medical Equipment

Your medical equipment or medical furniture can easily be paid for by direct debit, PayPal or credit card; qualifying NHS customers and similar healthcare organisations may order on account. We also offer you the convenient PaybyMail option, which can be found as a link in every order confirmation email when you choose the advance payment or payment on account option. To assure that you receive your ordered items as quickly as possible, we work closely with renowned logistics providers, who guarantee a reliable delivery. If you need your equipment by a certain date, simply share this information with us, as we are happy to have the items delivered within the desired time frame.

Our shipping charges consist of a flat rate fee that covers the entire order; with some exceptions. For example, while most orders for gynaecology supplies, like transducers and consumables, would have a flat rate shipping cost, the fee for orders with larger medical equipment, such as gynaecology chairs, bariatric chairs or examination couches, will need to be calculated separately. We even offer free shipping within specified delivery zones starting at a low invoice value. If you need your medical supplies even sooner, we can also help arrange express delivery. If you prefer to take shipping into your own hands, simply let us know and we will happily assist you.

Certified Shop for Medical Equipment

Should ordered INR machines, lactate meters or dermatoscopes not meet your expectations, you may return them in their original packaging within 14 days. This includes brand name medical supplies from Littmann and Welch Allyn, or even audiometers and ophthalmoscopes. Our returns service is, of course, free of charge. Sterile items, like a vaginal speculum or surgical tweezer, may not be returned. Likewise, we cannot accept returns for used items.

Consumables and consultation supplies, such as dressing material, skin disinfectants and hand sanitisers, are regularly needed and this is where our order alarm comes in handy. If you have repeatedly purchased a product, we will calculate your probable rate of consumption and send you a timely reminder that you may be due to re-order. For example, medical devices like nebulisers, Labcold fridges, spirometers and seca scales are not likely to be ordered as frequently as bandages, gloves, disposable holloware or even disposable specula from Heine, so the order alarm may not recognise those as suggestion worthy items. Your consumption rate tends to limit suggestions to consumables and refill products, although the suggestions can be personally configured.

Medical Emergency Equipment & First Aid Supplies

Our well-stocked warehouse also contains a wide range of products for your first aid kit, as well as a complete first aid kit for every scenario. If you frequently treat burns, perform CPR or simply need to refill your stock of gauze or plasters, you are certain to find all first aid compliant items for refilling your first aid kit. Praxisdienst also offers the proper diagnostic set for first aiders or doctors dealing with any emergency situation as well as a workplace first aid kit for occupational therapists. If you were unable to find a first aid kit that fits your exact needs, then you can also use our customiser to create your ideal first aid kit and fill it with everything from plasters and sphygmomanometers to sterile swabs, syringes and even an AED.

Although our items are already very competitively priced, many of the products in our range, such as nitrile gloves or some surgical equipment, have graduated prices based on quantity. Naturally, you will not find graduated pricing on medical equipment such as autoclaves, stretchers, defibrillators or vital signs monitors, but you can often expect bulk pricing on items like wipes, sharps bins, safety catheters or first aid supplies.

Do you have questions, suggestions or requests about our medical products? Our service staff will gladly assist you via phone, email or live chat.

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