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At Praxisdienst we offer you audiometers inclusive of suitable accessories

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Equip your practice inexpensively with high-quality medical products by ordering from When you, for example, require audiometers, look no further than us. The model Micromate 304 is a portable screening audiometer ideally suited for clear-tone audiometry. In instances where quick assessment of hearing, is this mobile audiometer a great alternative. At schools or the workplace, with our highly modern instrument you will be well equipped. The frequency range runs from 250 to 8000 Hz. You can adjust the volume level in 5 decibel intervals up to 90 decibals. We deliver our audiometers complete with headphones, patient-button and audiogrammblock as well as biros. The instrument is compact and easy to carry - it weighs only two kilograms - and can be used independed of mains power.