Men's Clothing

Men's Clothing

At Praxisdienst, you will find a wide selection of fashionable, functional and comfortable men's clothing, suitable for use in a medical practice or operating theatre. Button up shirts, trousers, scrubs, tunics, Polos and pullovers, as well as various shirts are waiting for you.

The tunic is a practical and simple clothing article suitable for both men and women in medical and care disciplines. Our easy-care scrubs are comfortable to wear and simple to clean.

To keep up your elegant appearance throughout the practice, you are certain to find the proper doctor's shirts or Polos, premium jeans, trousers or fastening pants and the matching leather belts, lab coats and doctor's coats!

You will also be best equipped for emergencies, thanks to our high-quality safety shoes with steel toes. Removable sleeves transform our emergency jackets into practical emergency vests!

Explore our large selection of men's medical clothing, shoes and other medical textiles in the category Clothing/Textiles.

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  • Trousers Trousers

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  • Men's Tunics and Scrub Tops Men's Tunics and Scrub Tops

    Men's and unisex tunics in classic white or one of many modern colours.

  • Coats Coats

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