Women's Clothing

Women's Clothing

Medical professional clothing encompasses an enormous selection of articles at Praxisdienst. In this category, we offer you women's professional wear for doctors, medical assistants, geriatric nurses and female nurses, at affordable prices.

Here, you will not only find tunics, scrubs, trousers and emergency wear, but also shirts, jackets and pullovers. All clothing articles in our selection are available in a comprehensive range of sizes. In order to uniformly dress your practice team, many Polo shirts, scrubs and trousers come in unisex styles.

Our clothing shop exclusively carries high-quality brands for professional wear, such as HIZA, Bierbaum-Proenen or Kunath. 

Shop one of the largest selections of medical professional wear including women's medical clothing, doctor's shoes and other medical textiles, in the category Clothing/Textiles.

More categories with Women's Clothing

  • Blouses and Shirts Blouses and Shirts

    You will find a large selection of affordable T-shirts, long-sleeved tops and tunics for everyday wear in the practice.

  • Trousers Trousers

    Praxisdienst offers a large selection of classic and modern professional trousers for ladies.

  • Jackets and Sweaters Jackets and Sweaters

    In this category, you will find ladies' jackets and sweaters, ideal for colder days.

  • Ladies' Tunics and Scrub Tops Ladies' Tunics and Scrub Tops

    We offer an extensive range of white, coloured and patterned tunics from renowned manufacturers such as IguanaMed, HIZA and BP.

  • Lab Coats Lab Coats

    Doctors' coats, also known as doctors' gowns, are part of traditional professional medical wear and are primarily worn in hospitals.

  • Emergency Clothing Emergency Clothing

    Purchase affordable women's emergency clothing for rescue workers and EMTs here!

  • Polo Shirts Polo Shirts

    Browse the wide selection of great value polo shirts for medical practices, hospitals and nursing facilities, here.