Miscellaneous Articles

Miscellaneous Articles

Find a large selection of articles to equip the surgery in the category miscellaneous articels.

Such as step stools to help you reach high shelves or cabinets. Use these climbing aids to easily reach materials on shelves or in cabinets without the risk of falling and injuring yourself. If you are searching for a modern and ergonomic standing workstation, this is the ideal category for you. Whether you need a laptop trolley, a storage console to mount on the wall or a chic high desk, you will find all these and more in the category miscellaneous. In addition, we have various wall dispensers for soap, disinfectants and paper towels made from different materials. Find the appropriate rubbish container or complete disposal system for every area of the practice to help you dispose of the practice waste easily and correctly.

Buy miscellaneous articles for surgery equipment at affordable prices at Praxisdienst-DENTAL. 

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