Pulpine Mineral liquid, 10ml
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Hoffmann Dental
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  • Pulp capping material
  • With Hydroxylapatite and Propolis
  • Bactericidal effectiveness
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Pulpine Mineral


Pulpine Mineral from Hoffmann Dental is a pulp capping material with Hydroxylapatite and Propolis. Thanks to the bactericidal properties of Propolis, infected pulp tissue can heal without complication. The combination of Calciumhydroxie, Propolis and Hydroxylapitate creates a stable hardening compound - without hollow spaces and without causing necrosis.


Product Details

  • Pulpine Mineral
  • Pulp capping material
  • With Hydroxylapatite and Propolis
  • With Calciumhydroxide
  • For use with Caries Profunda
  • For indirect capping with reversible Pulpitis
  • For direct capping (without Pulpitis)
  • For direct and indirect capping after crown preparation
  • Available as liquid (10ml) or powder (5g)


Advantages of Pulpine Mineral

  • Bactericidal effectiveness
  • Fast hardening
  • No necrosis development
  • Simple placing
  • Very strong hold
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