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  • Bactericidal protective cement
  • For maintaining vital teeth
  • For underfillings and primary tooth fillings
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This bactericidal protective cement READY2Protect + Copal is well-suited for patients with poor oral hygiene, as well as for children. To maintain vital teeth, a thin liquid mix is made from copal lacquer and copper-ion cement powder and applied to the demineralising dentine. This copper barrier creates a protective layer against possible acidic degeneration and carries the copper ions into the dentine canals. Universally applicable.


Product Details for READY2PROTECT

  • Bactericidal protective cement for secondary cavity prevention
  • Highly recommended for children and patients with poor oral hygiene
  • Healing cement for retaining vital teeth, even with deep cavities
  • For primary tooth fillings, long-term provisional fillings, core build-ups and underfillings
  • Creates copper barrier
  • Bactericidal and saliva resistant
  • 1 Pack contains 10 powder sticks with 1 g powder, 1 tube with 5 ml liquid, 1 tube with 1 g powder, 1 bottle with 5 ml copal lacquer



  • Powder: zinc-oxide, magnesium-oxide, copper salts
  • Liquid cement: o-phosphoric acid
  • Copal lacquer: copal, ethanol


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