FHC-Merz light
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Art. No.: 220608
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FHC-Merz light


FHC-Merz light is a light-curing fine hybrid composite with diverse applications. The composite can be used for cavity class III, IV and V fillings, as well as for the reconstruction of front teeth following traumatic damage. Additionally, loose front teeth can be splinted and orthodontic regulatory systems attached. Thanks to its optimum plastic consistency, FHC-Merz light is easy to apply and model.


Product details:

  • FHC-Merz light
  • Light-curing, universal fine hybrid composite
  • In a practical Saferinges application system
  • For cavity class III, IV and V fillings
  • For extended fissure sealing
  • For class I and II fillings to improve aesthetics
  • For splinting loose front teeth
  • For anchoring of orthodontic regulatory systems, adhesive bridges, inlays, onlays, veneers and splints
  • For crown core build-ups
  • For veneer repair
  • Suitable for universal use thanks to optimisation of the filler technology
  • High proportion of inorganic fillers for optimal physical properties such as low polymerisation shrinkage, high abrasion resistance, high strength and durable shape and volume stability
  • Special plastic consistency for easy application, moulding and modelling of the composite
  • High radiopacity
  • Colour: universal
  • Supplied is practical Saferinges for easy handling and pinpoint application of the composite paste
  • Meets the requirements of ISO 4040:2001 and EN IIOS 4049 Type 1, Class 2, Group 1
  • 1 pack contains 20x Saferinges with 0.3g of paste
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