Harvard ZirconCore
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Harvard ZirconCore


Harvard ZirconCore is a core build-up and post-cementing composite with nano zirconium dioxide. The optimum hardness allows it to be ground like dentine, and facilitates smooth, even processing. Harvard ZirkonCore is dual-curing, and will also cure in areas where lighting is not possible. It is also highly radiopaque, and can be applied directly from the Harvardmix syringe.


Product details:

  • Harvard ZirconCore
  • Composite for core build-up and root pin fixing
  • With nano zirconium dioxide
  • Dual-curing – hardens completely even where lighting is not possible
  • Optimum consistency
  • Grinds like dentine
  • Processes smoothly
  • High pressure and fracture resistance
  • Excellent diametric tensile strength
  • Highly translucent
  • Excellent radiopacity
  • Fluoride releasing
  • Optimum adaptation to the tooth structure
  • Easy application with the Harvardmix syringe 
  • Minimix syringe of 5ml (colour Universal), 10 mixing cannulae, 10 IntraTips long
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