NEPA Flow A2
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0 NEPA Flow
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NEPA Flow is a light-curing, flowable fine hybrid composite for the restoration of front and milk teeth and extended fissure sealing. The innovative nano-fluorapatite fillers provide an enamel-like surface hardness and excellent abrasion resistance. NEPA Flow impresses with it high level of fluoride release, low shrinkage and maximum marginal integrity.


Product details:

  • NEPA Flow
  • Light-curing, flowable fine hybrid composite
  • With innovative nano-fluorapatite fillers
  • For class III, IV and V anterior tooth restorations
  • Fills milk teeth of all cavity classes
  • Treats micro-preparations
  • Repairs restoration margins
  • For extended fissure sealing
  • For abrasion-resistant cavity treatment with marginal integrity
  • High fluoride release
  • Radiopaque
  • Nano-fluorapatite fillers provide an enamel-like surface hardness
  • Very low shrinkage, maximum marginal integrity and excellent polishing properties
  • Excellent thixotropic properties
  • Chameleon effect and fluorescent like natural teeth
  • Available in the colours A2, A3, and A3.5
  • 1 pack with 2x 1ml one-handed dosing syringes of NEPA Flow
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