Revolcin Fil, Filtips A1
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Revolcin Fil


The light-curing, radiopaque universal composite Revolcin Fil is suitable for direct restorative treatment in permanent teeth and milk teeth in the anterior and posterior tooth areas. An enamel-like surface hardness of the composite filling is achieved thanks to the natural hydroxyapatite filler. The increased, continuous and long-lasting fluoride release makes the enamel resistant to secondary caries. Revolcin Fil can be applied quickly and easily to the cavity using the user-friendly filtips.


Product details:

  • Revolcin Fil
  • Light-curing universal composite
  • For direct restorative treatment in anterior and posterior tooth areas
  • Suitable for all cavity classes in permanent and milk teeth
  • With hydroxyapatite, a component of natural tooth enamel
  • Enamel-like surface hardness of the composite filling
  • Excellent material consistency: high viscosity, very stables, retains shape, supple, tack-free and highly packable
  • Adapts well to the cavity walls
  • Excellent modelling characteristics, particularly occlusal surfaces and contact points
  • Outstanding polishing properties
  • Very good mechanical properties: stability, chewing endurance, abrasion resistance, low polymerisation shrinkage and maximum marginal integrity
  • Increased, continuous and long-lasting fluoride release to mineralise the enamel
  • User-friendly Filtips
  • Available in the colours: A1, A2, A3 and A3.5
  • 1 pack contains 2x 10 Filtips with 0.35g of Revolcin Fil
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Revolcin Fil, Filtips
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