Hypocal Hypocal SN
Dental / Treatment / Fillings & Impressions / Filling Material / Underfilling/pulp protection
Art. No.: 220610
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  • Pulpa therapeutic agent
  • Calcium hydroxide based
  • Ready to use paste
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Hypocal is a calcium hydroxide-based pulp therapeutic agent for treating cavity-free dentin close to the pulp, e.g. in the case of a deep cavity. The ready-to-use paste is also suitable for direct pulp capping, pulpotomy or as a root canal insert. Hypocal is bactericidal and is available either in a screw syringe with a fine-dosing seal or in an economy pack with an airtight single-handed dosing syringe.


Product Details for Hypocal

  • Hypocal
  • Ready-to-use, calcium hydroxide-based pulp therapeutic agent
  • Available for different application techniques
  • For treatment of cavity-free dentin close to the pulp, deep cavity treatment and indirect pulp capping
  • For pulpotomies and as a root canal insert
  • Desensitisation through the sealing of the dentin tubules
  • Formation of secondary dentin and a primary hard tissue deposition
  • Protects the remaining vital pulp tissue
  • Good distribution and flow
  • Cures within 15 seconds using hot air
  • Antiseptic effect due to pH value of 12
  • pH acidic dentin is alkalised, retunes inflammatory acidic pulp
  • Bactericide
  • Available either as Hypocal SN with a screw syringe or as an economy pack with a single-handed dosing syringe

Available Pack Types for Hypocal:

  • Hypocal SN: 1x 2.5g screw syringe filled with paste, 2 replacement cannulae 
  • Hypocal Economy Pack: 1x 2.6g single-handed dosing syringe filled with paste, 2 replacement cannulae
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