Clinic Interbrush
Dental / Treatment / Prophylaxis / Teeth Cleaning
Art. No.: 221051
Jordan Oral Care
EAN: 7038513900060 Clinic Interbrush
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  • Small, compact brush head
  • For cleaning hard to reach areas
  • For brackets, implants or bridge elements
  • from 12 pcs: 2,26 EUR*
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Clinic Interbrush Single-Tuft Brush


The single-tuft brush ≫Clinic Interbrush≪ is excellently suited for cleaning interdental spaces, be it brackets or implants. The angled form allows the small cleaning brush to reliably clean even the hardest to reach places. The Clinic Interbrush single-tuft brush makes possible the regular, basic cleaning of gingival areas, larger interdental spaces and bridge elements.


Product Details

  • Single-tuft brush 
  • Model: Clinic Interbrush from Jordan Oral Care
  • For basic cleaning of the gingival margin, brackets, implants, bridge elements, etc.
  • Small, compact brush head
  • Filigree brush handle
  • Even reaches difficult to reach areas
  • For optimal oral hygiene
  • Colour: purple or blue (sorted by manufacturer)
  • 1 Piece 
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