Diamond Separating Strips, 10 pcs.
Dental / Treatment / Prophylaxis / Teeth Cleaning
Art. No.: 220521
https://static.praxisdienst.com/out/pictures/master/product/1/horico_f354_diamant_separierstreifen_fein_220521_1.jpg Diamond Separating Strips, 10 pcs.
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  • Stainless steel separating strips
  • Single-sided diamond coating
  • Thickness: 0.14mm
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Diamond Separating Strips, 10 pcs.


The diamond separating strips from HORICO are great for finishing proximal filling margins and cleaning interdental spaces. These separating strips are made from non-rusting stainless steel, can be disinfected and sterilised, and are diamond-coated. This diamond coating gives the separating strips a much longer life than steelcarbo strips.


Product Details:

  • Diamond separating strips
  • HORICO brand quality
  • Stainless steel strips with one-sided diamond coating
  • For finishing proximal filling margins
  • For cleaning interdental areas
  • Longer life than steelcarbo strips
  • Safer as they are only coated on one side
  • Length: 150 mm
  • Width: 4 mm
  • Thickness: 0.14 mm
  • 1 Pack of 10 pcs.
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