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Anatomical Models and Teaching Aids

Anatomical models are 3-dimensional, homologous models, which present the anatomical structures in live-sized or enlarged forms. However, which particular structure is presented falls under skeletal models, organ models or dental models. 

Organ models and skeletal models are the most used models in human medicine. Compared with diagrams in books, anatomical models present anatomical structures in their 3-dimensional form; thus providing an improved learning impact. Anatomical models are, therefore, highly accepted as teaching aids in schools and universities.

Anatomical models also come in handy in general practices and hospitals. Here, as a rule, they are used for clarifying findings or operational methods to patients.

A specialty among anatomical models is the practice model. This model not only serves as display material, but more frequently for the mastering of medical techniques.

Acupuncture models are anatomical models, which are used for mastering acupuncture techniques. An acupuncture model can either come in the form of a specific body part (foot, ear) or of an entire body. These models not only show the acupuncture points, but also the meridian system. In some cases, an acupuncture model can be used for practicing the setting of acupuncture needles. In such a scenario, the model musst be composed of a soft material.

Here, at Praxisdienst, you will find a large assortment of anatomical models and medical wall charts. The anatomical models from HeineScientific not only stand out due to their high-quality composition, but also due to their detailed presentation.