Female Bladder Model
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https://static.praxisdienst.com/out/pictures/master/product/1/130481_1_zoom1_z1.jpg Female Bladder Model
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  • Life-size female bladder model
  • Elaborately coloured
  • 15cm tall, securely mounted on a base
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Anatomical Model of a Female Bladder


This life-size model shows the bladder (vesica urinaria) of an adult female. The anatomical model of a female bladder is suitable for the explanation of urinary incontinence, acute cystitis (inflammation of the bladder), irritable bladder, cystocele (fallen bladder) and can also clarify the TVT operation procedure.

Product Details for the Bladder Model

The following structures of the female urinary bladder are shown:

  • Layer of smooth muscle (tunica muscularis)
  • Lining mucosa (tunica mucosa) of urothelial tissue
  • Mucose membrane structure and folds (plicae mucosae)
  • Trigone of urinary bladder (trigonum vesicae)
  • Orifice of the ureter (ostium ureteris) with the plica interureterica
  • Base of the bladder
  • Urethra with urethral glands
  • Vesical venous plexus
  • Vestibular bulb
  • Vaginal opening (ostium vaginae)
  • Also: Fat tissue, bones and muscles


The anatomical model of a female bladder is approx. 15cm high and comes mounted on a base.


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