Skeletal Pelvis Model, Female
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Art. No.: 130494 EAN: 4260306779567 TOP Brand Skeletal Pelvis Model, Female
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  • Life-size anatomical model
  • Particularly natural representation
  • Gender-specific differences are easily recognisable
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Skeletal Pelvis Model, Female


This life-size model illustrates, in detail, the skeletal pelvis of an adult woman. Gender-specific differences are clearly visible in the skeletal pelvis model. For example, the pelvic wings protrude more, the obturator foramen is oval-shaped, the pelvic outlet (apertura pelvis inferior) is wider and the pubic arch is more obtuse than in men. This model is made with special plastics, which means that the skeletal pelvis model is particularly realistic in terms of colour and surface structure. In addition, the fibrocartilage of the symphysis is realistically modelled. 

Represented Structures:

  • Sacrum (tailbone)
  • Sacral-iliac joint (sacroiliac joint)
  • Iliac bone (ilium)
  • Iliac crest (crista iliaca)
  • Front iliac spine (spina iliaca anterior)
  • Obturator foramen
  • Acetabulum
  • Pubic bone (pubis) with pubic arch (arc pubis)
  • Pubic symphysis
  • Seat bone (ischium)

Product Details

  • Life-size skeletal model of a female pelvis
  • Made with special plastics for a more natural look
  • Gender differences clearly illustrated
  • Made from the pelvic cast of an adult female
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Skeletal Pelvis Model, Female
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Brilliant customer service (I ordered the wrong product and the exchange process was so quick and smooth). Very quick delivery and happy with the model as well!

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