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Blood Pressure Monitors

Here, you will find your blood pressure monitor!

A blood pressure measuring device, also known as a sphygmomanometer, is used to determine systolic and diastolic, arterial blood pressure. Measurement is non-invasive - the blood pressure is usually measured at the wrist or upper arm, depending on the device. Whereas in the past, blood pressure monitors would be found predominantly in physicians' offices, clinics or pharmacies, due to continuous digitilization, in recent years, the devices have found their way into many households - for daily pressure monitoring in hypertension patients or the blood pressure monitoring in patients with arrhythmia. In our category Blood Pressure Monitors, you will find manual and fully automatic blood pressure monitors, as well as long-term blood pressure monitors in various models from well-known manufacturers such as Omron, Erka-Kallmeyer, Medisana, Beurer and Boso.  Furthermore, in our selection, you will also find blood pressure sleeves and disposable, protective strips for blood pressure measurement.

Timeless classic: The manual blood pressure monitor

The manual sphygmomanometer is mostly used in connection with a stethoscope and, when properly used, provides rather accurate blood pressure values. Manual blood pressure monitors generally comprise a manometer, a tube and a sleeve. With this device the patient's blood pressure is determined by a measurement on the upper arm.

Measurements at a keystroke: The digital sphygmomanometer

The digital and fully automatic blood pressure monitor measures blood pressure, automatically, by pressing a button, while also providing a pulse measurement. The convenient blood pressure monitors offer various extra functions, depending on the model and features, such as memory for previous measurements or average display. Fully automatic measuring devices are available for both upper arm and wrist measurement. Normally, blood pressure cuffs from digital blood pressure monitors for the upper arm can be replaced. 

Blood pressure control over time with the long-term blood pressure monitor

With the long-term blood pressure monitor, it is possible to monitor the arterial blood pressure over a period of 18-24 hours, at specified intervals. The systolic and diastolic blood pressure values are stored by the instrument and can later be read on your computer. Long-term blood pressure measurement is usually carried out as an upper arm measurement.

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