HEINE Gamma G7 Sphygmomanometer with adult size cuff
Human / Diagnostics / General Diagnostics / Blood Pressure Monitors / Sphygmomanometers
Art. No.: 372900
Heine Optotechnik
EAN: 04053755136346
https://static.praxisdienst.com/out/pictures/master/product/1/heine_gamma_g7_372900_1.jpg HEINE Gamma G7 Sphygmomanometer
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  • Shock-resistant sphygmomanometer
  • Over-pressure safe, non-corrosive manometer
  • Finely dosable pressure-release valve
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Sphygmomanometer, Heine Gamma G7


The HEINE Gamma G7 is a shock-resistant sphygmomanometer with light metal components and an over-pressure resistant, corrosion-free manometer. The 56 mm scale and the precisely calibrated, precision balanced display make the results easy to read. The large ball allows the HEINE Gamma G7 to be pumped very quickly, shortening the measuring time and making the procedure more comfortable for patients.


Product Details for the HEINE Gamma G7

  • Sphygmomanometer with over-pressure resistant, corrosion-free manometer
  • Shock resistant and ergonomic design 
  • Features unique, pressure measuring system
  • Micro-filter protects the valve and the measuring components
  • Easy to read, 56 mm scale with precisely calibrated and shock resistant display
  • Large ball allows cuff to be pumped up quickly (50% more volume than conventional sphygmomanometers)
  • Provides fine and precise air release rate adjustment for quick deflation, with rubber-stop to prevent valve-lock
  • Upper housing made of dual component aluminium alloy / TP elastomer, with shock absorbant ring, protects indicator and glass
  • Housing made of shatter proof dual component polyamide / TP elastomer with shock absorbant, anti-slip coating
  • Bulb can be positioned for right or left-handed operation (material: high-quality, zinc alloy)
  • High-quality, washable cuff with Velcro fastening
  • 10-year warranty
  • Supplied with case

The HEINE Gamma G7 is available either with a standard cuff or a cuff set, consisting of a paediatric cuff, a small adult cuff and a standard adult cuff.

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