Heine BETA 200S Ophthalmoscope 2.5V XHL
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  • Continuous brightness regulation
  • Aspherical optical system (AOS)
  • Dust-resistant housing, ergonomic design
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HEINE BETA 2.5 Volt Battery Handle
HEINE BETA 2.5 Volt Battery Handle
  • Short circuit protected
  • Operated with 2x mini battery cells
  • Dimensions: 145 x ∅30 mm
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Heine BETA 200S® Ophthalmoscope


The Heine BETA 200S is the first handheld, direct ophthalmoscope with a correction range of 74 single-dioptre steps and patented aspherical optics. With the fine dioptre gradation, a sharp picture is guaranteed even with high refraction anomalies. The sophisticated, unique aspherical optics offer considerable ease of use during fundus examinations even with narrow, undilated pupils. Corneal reflexes are effectively eliminated. Following Gullstrand’s principle, the aspherical optical system from HEINE separates the illuminating beam from the observation beam. Corneal and iris reflexes are thereby prevented and, even with narrow pupils, the illuminated retinal area is fully visible. 7 luminous-field apertures offer the best conditions for an eye exam; for dilated as well as for the smallest of pupils.

Product Details

  • 7 luminous-field apertures with separate, switchable, red-free interference filter
  • XHL xenon halogen technology
  • Recessed, coated viewing window prevents stray light
  • Optics mounted on metal chassis for durability and constant precision
  • 74 single-dioptre steps; correction range, in single-dioptre steps ranging from -38 to +38 dioptres, ensures a sharp picture even with high refraction anomalies
  • Switchable red-free interference filter for contrast-enhancing depiction of retinal vessels
  • Suitable for narrow and broad pupils, slit lamp ophthalmoscopy, fixation test and fluorescence ophthalmoscopy
  • Contrast-enhancing, red-free light may be used with every aperture
  • Dust-proof housing; no cleaning required
  • Ergonomic design; instrument fits the orbital comfortably in any position
  • Soft orbital support Protects the users’ glasses and steadies the instrument
  • Unique optical system; optimizes Gullstrand principle (separation of the illumination and observation beam)
  • Corneal and iris reflexes are eliminated
  • Illuminated retinal area is fully visible even with narrow pupils
  • Supplied without battery handle

Advantages of the LED HQ Illumination

  • Offers homogenous, bright light
  • True colour rendition
  • Colour temperature: 3,500 K 
  • Colour rendition index: >97
  • Long LED lifespan of up to 100,000 hours; no bulb change necessary

The Heine Beta 200S Ophthalmoscope’s 7 Luminous-Field Apertures

Red-free filter
without with
Cobalt blue filter without red-free filter 
Cobalt blue filter with red-free filter  Cobalt blue filter
Fixation star with polar coordinates without red-free filter Fixation star with polar coordinates with red-free filter  Fixation star with polar coordinates
Large aperture without red-free filter Large aperture with red-free filter  Large Aperture
Medium aperture without red-free filter Medium aperture with red-free filter  Medium Aperture
Macula aperture / MicroSpot without red-free filter Macula aperture / MicroSpot with red-free filter  Macula Aperture / MicroSpot
Slit aperture without red-free filter Slit aperture with red-free filter  Slit Aperture
Hemispot without red-free filter Hemispot with red-free filter  Hemispot

Please note: The HEINE BETA 200S Ophthalmoscope will be delivered without the handle!
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Heine BETA 200S Ophthalmoscope
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