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  • 2.5V Ophthalmoscope with precision optics
  • Balanced illumination of the examination field
  • Delivery includes handle and tote bag
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Piccolight Ophthalmoscope

The Piccolight Ophthalmoscope from KaWe will be delivered to you as a complete set, including an handle, instrument head and tote bag. The 2.5V opthalmoscope offers balanced illumination of the ocular fundus and a very large field of vision. Due to its compact design and low weight, the Piccolight ophthalmoscope is ideal as a pocket instrument for practices and clinics. 
You may order the Piccolight ophthalmoscope in 3 various models: as an E55 with Vacuum torch and 5 apertures, as an E56 with Xenon/Halogen illumination and 6 apertures or as an E56 LED with LED illumination and 6 apertures. 
Product Details 
  • 2.5V Ophthalmoscope
  • With  precision optics
  • Corrective focusing to balance refractive anomalies from +20 to -20 Dioptres
  • With battery handle
  • Available with your choice of 5 or 6 apertures
  • Offers quality and balanced illumination
  • Allows for examination of a large field of vision
  • Serviced with 2 batteries (AA), not included in delivery
  • Available in various colours
The Piccolight ophthalmoscope is available in 3 different models: 

Piccolight E55 Piccolight E56 Piccolight E56 LED
Illumination Type:  Vacuum Torch Xenon/Halogen Torch
LED Torch
Illumination Strength: at 30mm distance
ca. 800 Lux
at 30mm distance
ca. 1900 Lux
at 30mm distance
ca. 6000 Lux  
Aperture Count:  5 Apertures 6 Apertures
6 Apertures 
Other:  aspherical precision optics aspherical precision optics
Colour Temperature: 5000K
LED Lifespan: ca. 50,000 Stunden
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