LED-Otoscope LuxaScope Auris 2.5V (battery) | gray
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  • Dimmable LED otoscope, pocket version
  • As 2.5V battery or 3.7V Li-Ion battery otoscope
  • Available in 4 sleek colours
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LED Otoscope LuxaScope Auris


The LuxaScope Auris from Luxamed is an innovative, LED pocket otoscope that provides optimal lighting for the auditory canal and eardrum thanks to its LED ring technology. The LEDs have a bulb life of approx. 100,000 hours and provide a lighting intensity of 10,000 lux and do not restrict the field of vision.
The dimmable LED otoscope has a swivelling 3x magnifying glass, a blower port to carry out pneumatic eardrum testing and an electronic ON/OFF pressure switch.
The LuxaScope Auris is available as a battery-operated 2.5V otoscope or as a 3.7V otoscope with a USB-chargeable, lithium-ion battery.


Product Details for the LuxaScope Auris

  • Pocket LED otoscope
  • Lighting: LED ring with 6 LEDs
  • Modern design
  • High-quality finish
  • Dimmable
  • Blower port for pneumatic otoscopy
  • Optimised design of the otoscope head
  • Swivelling 3x magnifying glass with locking mechanism
  • 2-component handle (materials: aluminium and fibreglass-enforced plastic)
  • Available in black, grey, white and blue
  • Battery-operated (2.5V) or operated with rechargeable battery (3.7V)


Technical Details

  • LED ring technology protected by DE202013104278U1 (no fibre-optics, no restriction of the field of vision)
  • Light intensity: 10,000 lux
  • Colour temperature: 4,000 K
  • Automatic shut-down after 3 minutes
  • Electronic ON/OFF pressure switch


Delivery Contents

2.5 V LED otoscope
3.7 V LED otoscope 
    • 2 x AAA batteries
    • 10 disposable ear specula 2.5mm
    • 10 disposable ear specula 4.0mm
      • Lithium-ion battery
      • USB charging cable
      • 10 disposable ear specula 2.5mm
      • 10 disposable ear specula 4.0mm
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      LED-Otoscope LuxaScope Auris 2.5V (battery) | gray

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