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ERKA Finesse2

The ERKA Finesse2 is a double-headed stethoscope with a switchable chestpiece that can be used for auscultation on both adults and children. Both sides of the chestpiece are designed with a prestressed ERKA convex membrane, thus ensuring excellent resonance and sound transmission. The ERKA Finesse 2 is equipped with very soft, ergonomic ear tips that offer high wearer comfort, as well as excellent sealing against external background noises.
Product details 
  • ERKA Finesse2 
  • Double-headed stethoscope with 2 ERKA convex membranes 
  • Non-porous chrome-plated brass chestpiece, high gloss polish
  • Non-chill ring on both sides 
  • Membrane diameter: 47 mm and 30 mm 
  • Tube with integrated spring for optimum sound transmission 
  • 2 parallel channels in the stethoscope tube prevent the occurrence of rubbing noises 
  • Ergonomic, extra soft ear tips made from silicone 
  • Very comfortable to wear 
  • Ergonomically-shaped, individually adjustable headband 
  • Supplied with a pair of replacement ear tips 
  • Available in a range of colours 
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • When you register your ERKA Sensitive at, ERKA rewards you with a 4 year warranty on your stethoscope
The ERKA Finesse2 is very flexible to use thanks to its double-headed chestpiece and can be used in anaesthesia, cardiology, emergency medicine, pneumology and veterinary medicine, for instance.
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