fetatrack® DD250 Vascular and Foetal Doppler 2 MHz
Human / Diagnostics / Specialised Diagnostics / Vascular & Fetal Dopplers
Art. No.: 130990
https://static.praxisdienst.com/out/pictures/master/product/1/130990_1_zoom1(1).jpg fetatrack® DD250 Vascular and Foetal Doppler
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  • Display shows heart rate and pulse
  • Can be battery or mains operated
  • With high-performance speaker
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899 EUR New Out of stock
899 EUR New Out of stock
899 EUR New Out of stock
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fetatrack® Vascular and Foetal doppler


The fetatrack® DD 250 is a professional vascular and foetal doppler for use in hospitals and surgeries. By connecting a 2 or 3 MHz transponder, the fetatrack® can be used as a foetal doppler. If a 5 or 8 MHz transponder is connected, it can be used as a vascular doppler. The vascular and foetal doppler is equipped with a high-performance speaker and can either be battery or mains operated.


 Product Details

  • Vascular and foetal doppler
  • With powerful speaker
  • Heart rate and pulse display
  • Range: 50 to 210 beats/minute
  • Audio frequency: 300 Hz
  • 1 KHz (4 KHz with vascular probe)
  • Battery or mains operation (integrated charger unit)
  • Up to 7 hours battery life
  • Transponders feature a long spiral cable for more freedom of movement during examinations
  • Easy operation with single-button control (on/off switch and volume control)
  • Large easy-to-read display
  • Weight: approx. 2 kg


The fetatrack® DD 250 Vascular and Foetal Doppler is delivered with a transponder of your choice. There are 2, 3, 5 and 8 MHz transponders available. 

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