Therapy and Wellness

Therapy and Wellness

In the Therapy and wellness category, you will mostly find products for physiotherapists and rehab clinics.

In addition to therapeutical aids, exercise balls and exercise bands for physiotherapeutic exercises, you will also discover a large selection of inhalation devices, products for venous compression and TENS units.

The VenenWalker, for instance, is a popular air massage device for the legs, which is used to improve venous return blood flow, as well as for connective tissue diseases.

The assortment is rounded out by a selection of breathalysers, which determine blood alcohol level in the breath. Some of these devices are equipped with manipulation protection and are, therefore, excellently suited for use in rehab clinics.

More categories with Therapy and Wellness

  • Nebulisers Nebulisers

    We offer a wide selection of inhalators for nebulising medicines. For children, we also supply paediatric nebulisers and appropriate accessories.

  • Rehab & Physiotherapy Rehab & Physiotherapy

    Whether you need exercise balls, exercise mats or therapy tools, you will find a large selection of equipment for rehab clinics and physiotherapists.

  • TENS Machines & Body Fat Calipers TENS Machines & Body Fat Calipers

    Here, you will find TENS machines for electronic nerve stimulation and treatment of various pains and symptoms, as well as body fat calipers.

  • Venous Compression Venous Compression

    The VenenWalker is an air massager that improves the venous return blood flow in the legs, i.e for connective tissue diseases.

  • Heat Therapy Heat Therapy

    Discover our wide selection of products for heat therapy: from hot stones to infrared lamps and paraffin baths.