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aiSon™ Focus

aiSon™ Focus

The aiSon™ Focus adaptive pad for ultrasound probes is designed to maximise contact with the skin, especially on irregualr body surfaces.

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aiSon™ Focus  - Improved Ultrasound Diagnostics 

The innovative aiSon™ Focus adaptive pads from aiSon Technologies enable precise sonography with optimised image quality for faster and safer diagnosis and intervention. The highly adaptive shape of the aiSon™ Focus ensures continuous contact with the anatomy and a full field of view during the whole procedure through maximum skin contact, even on uneven body surfaces - for example, on the hands and feet, in the face, head and neck area, on the collarbone, joints, etc. Depending on the area of application, significantly less gel is needed. In addition, the pressure required for a clear image is reduced, which means that relevant anatomical structures are not compressed (e.g. subcutaneous vessels, veins, etc.).

The aiSon™ Focus can be used with any coupling agent, such as ultrasound gel, disinfectant, water, oil, etc. and also works in combination with sterile probe covers. The pads increase image contrast, making finer and superficial structures clearer and often visible with lower-frequency probes where higher-frequency probes would otherwise be necessary. The aiSon™ Focus moves effortlessly with the probe, allowing efficient, one-handed use. The pads are compatible with all common ultrasound systems and are ideal for examinations of hard-to-image body surfaces and the near-field area.


Product Details

  • Adaptive ultrasound pad with robust fluid reservoir
  • Maximises contact area with the skin during sonography
  • Ensures complete, uninterrupted images with fewer artefacts
  • Dynamically adapts to patient anatomy
  • Increases image contrast and reduces pressure on the body area
  • Facilitates diagnosis and interventions
  • Compatible with all common ultrasound probes and any coupling media
  • Finer and superficial structures are more clearly visualised
  • Moves effortlessly with the probe; one-handed use for examination efficiency
  • Protects the probe from alcohol/disinfectant, which is often used as coupling medium
  • Perfect for hard-to-image body regions and near-field areas
  • Extra durable, recyclable synthetic material (latex and phthalate free)
  • Resistant to pressure of up to 20 kg
  • CE-marked class I medical device from Switzerland
  • Can be combined with sterile probe covers

Please read the enclosed instructions for use before using the aiSon™ Focus Pad.


Areas of Application 


  • Scanning of small uneven body parts
  • Reduces gel re-application
  • Enables pressure reduction

 Emergency Medicine

  • Protects the ultrasound probe from bacteria and germs
  • For the examination of superficial abscesses etc.


  • Scanning of irregular surfaces
  • Perfect for hands, feet, heels, joints, elbows etc. 
  • Ultrasound-guided biopsies and/or injections

 Orthopaedics/Emergency Medicine

  • For scanning of irregular surfaces
  • Perfect for extremities, hands, feet, bony prominences and more


  • For clearer visualisation of structures in the surface
  • Perfect for scanning lymph nodes and the armpits
  • Reduces gel re-application


  • For mammary sonography
  • During screening or breast biopsies
  • Reduces tissue compression

Important Note

Please note that the aiSon™ Focus is not intended for sale in Switzerland.

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