General Diagnostics

General Diagnostics

Praxisdienst offers a large selection of diagnostic instruments and devices for preliminary examinations. Our assortment includes a large selection of stethoscopes from Erka and Littman, manual and automatic blood-pressure monitors, digital and analogue thermometers, as well as calibrated and non-calibrated personal scales from ADE, seca, Soehnle and KERN.
In the "Otoscopes and Ophthalmoscopes" category, you will find diagnostic instruments for all common disciplines from dermatology to ENT. For opticians, we supply ophthalmoscopes, as well as various eye charts to test eyesight, colour vision and stereoscopic vision.
The general diagnostics category also includes replacement batteries and rechargeable batteries for powering diagnostic instruments and devices, as well as anatomical models for patient education.
Our assortment is rounded out by orthopaedic diagnostic aids, vein finders and a selection of sensitivity devices. 

More categories with General Diagnostics

  • Anatomical Models & Teaching Aids Anatomical Models & Teaching Aids

    Anatomical models, training models and medical wall charts for all areas of expertise. We offer a comprehensive assortment of anatomical models from HeineScientific.

  • Baby Scales Baby Scales

    In this category, you will find baby scales and toddler scales from Söhnle, Seca and Kern for precisely weighing infants.

  • Batteries Batteries

    In the "Batteries" category, you will find both rechargeable batteries, as well as disposable Duracell batteries for powering your diagnostic devices.

  • Blood Pressure Monitors Blood Pressure Monitors

    Praxisdienst offers a wide selection of sphygmomanometers and digital blood pressure monitors from well-known manufacturers at affordable prices.

  • Pen Torches & Diagnostic Lights Pen Torches & Diagnostic Lights

    Diagnostic lights for illuminating the mouth and throat area during general or ENT examinations - available with or without a tongue depressor holder.

  • Sensation Testing Sensation Testing

    This category includes special testing devices for checking temperature sensitivity, skin sensitivity and vibration sensation.

  • Thermometers Thermometers

    Discover our large selection of thermometers for digital and analogue measurement of body temperature.

  • Homecare Products Homecare Products

    Here, you will find various diagnostic instruments and testing devices for home use i.e. glucometers, blood pressure monitors and even ECG machines.

  • Otoscopes and Ophthalmoscopes Otoscopes and Ophthalmoscopes

    Whether you are looking for otoscopes, ophthalmoscopes or dermatoscopes, this category provides a comprehensive selection of diagnostic instruments and adaptable accessories at attractive prices.

  • Scales Scales

    We offer a comprehensive assortment of calibrated and uncalibrated personal scales from Soehnle, Seca and ADE: mechanical personal scales, column scales, wheelchair scales and baby scales.

  • Reflex Hammers & Tuning Forks Reflex Hammers & Tuning Forks

    In this category, we have compiled a collection of high-quality reflex hammers and tuning forks for you.

  • Eye Charts Eye Charts

    Buy affordable eye charts for testing eyesight, colour vision and stereoscopic vision.

  • Stethoscopes Stethoscopes

    From cardiology stethoscopes to electronic stethoscopes, we offer a wide selection of high-quality, brand name stethoscopes e.g. from Littmann.

  • Stadiometers & Tape Measures Stadiometers & Tape Measures

    In this category, Praxisdienst offers you various measuring devices for length and circumference measurement in adults, children and babies, alike.

  • Vein Finders Vein Finders

    In the "Vein Finders" category, you will find special devices for making veins visible in patients with poor vein conditions e.g. children or elderly patients.

  • Clinometers & Goniometers Clinometers & Goniometers

    In this category, you will find inclinometers, goniometers, scoliometers and other orthopaedic diagnostic tools.