ERKA Precise Dual-Head Stethoscope black
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  • Dual-head brass chestpiece (diaphragm/bell)
  • ERKA floating dual-frequency diaphragm
  • Soft ergonomically-shaped eartips
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ERKA Precise Dual-Head Stethoscope


The ERKA Precise is a high end stethoscope featuring a dual-head brass chestpiece that can be used for auscultation of higher and lower frequencies in all medical fields. The bell features a non-chill rim and is used for auscultation of lower frequencies, while the special patented design of the dual-frequency diaphragm allows for auscultation of higher and lower frequencies. The separately-integrated spring and the parallel-running channels in the tubing transmit sound without loss and without adding extra grinding sounds from the chestpiece to the user's ear.


The ERKA Dual-Frequency Diaphragm

The floating membrane prevents sounds from being transmitted if it is deformed. The membrane is designed so as to withstand day to day use in the practice or clinic, and nevertheless ensures outstanding sound transmission. On the outside–the side that touches the skin–the stethoscope features a strong plastic diaphragm that protects the internal, highly sensitive and extra thin copper-beryllium diaphragm. The space between the two membranes provides extra resonance space and acts as a pre-amplifier. The ERKA dual-frequency diaphragm guarantees perfect auscultation results and a confident diagnosis.

Product Details for the ERKA Precise Stethoscope

  • ERKA Precise dual-head stethoscope
  • Brass chestpiece
  • Highly glossy polish and chrome plated with no open micropores
  • Perfect surface hygiene
  • Bell with non-chill rim
  • With ERKA floating dual-frequency diaphragm
  • Tubing with 2 parallel, integral channels prevents disturbing grinding sounds
  • Ergonomically-shaped, soft eartips for optimum wearer comfort
  • Spring integrated separately in tubing for perfect sound transmission from the chestpiece to the ear

Technical Details for the ERKA Precise Dual-Head Stethoscope

  • Chestpiece diameter: 47 mm
  • Membrane diameter: 44 mm
  • Bell diameter: 30 mm
  • Chestpiece height: 27 mm
  • Total length: 71.5 cm
  • Tubing length: 55.5 cm
  • Weight: 222 g
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • When you register your ERKA stethoscope at, ERKA rewards you with a 4 year warranty on your stethoscope

The ERKA Precise dual-head stethoscope is available with the following tube colours: black, blue, burgundy, gray, green and red.

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