Littmann 3200 Electronic Stethoscope burgundy
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  • Highly modern tone sensor and up to 24x amplification
  • Ambient noise reduction reduces environmental noises
  • With Bluetooth function and LCD display
339.5 EUR New In stock
339.5 EUR New In stock
339.5 EUR New In stock
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Littmann ® 3200 Electronic Stethoscope

The Littmann 3200 is a powerful electronic stethoscope with ambient noise reduction technology and an ultra-modern acoustic sensor, making it ideal for classic cardiology exams. Bluetooth and software are used to save the heart and lung sounds on a PC so that they can be played back and visualised at a later time.

The Littmann electronic stethoscope model 3200 offers a unique acoustic experience when examining patients. The high-performance stethoscope is suitable for auscultation of children and adults.

Product Details for the Littmann 3200

  • Electronic stethoscope with highly modern tone sensor for a realistic acoustic experience and best sound quality
  • Model: Littmann 3200
  • Ambient Noise Reduction (ANR) cancels out approx. 85% of ambient background noise
  • Up to 24x sound amplification as compared to classic stethoscopes
  • Frictional noise reduction technology in the chestpiece reduces distracting handling noises
  • Easy to change between bell and diaphragm mode
  • Simple volume and backlight control
  • LCD display shows the selected mode, volume, remaining battery life and the patient’s heart rate
  • Patient heart rate displays after just five seconds, then updates every two seconds
  • Bluetooth function for easy data transfer to PC
  • Includes battery alarm
  • Easy operation
  • High-quality, sturdy design and flat diaphragm
  • Lightweight
  • Latex free
  • Available in various colours: black, burgundy and navy blue
  • Operated with a standard AA battery

The Littmann 3200 electronic stethoscope will be delivered to you with the Steth Assist PC software.

Littmann products include classic stethoscopes for use in cardiology exams and many other medical fields. Learn more about Littmann stethoscopes and the individual stethoscope models on our themed page: Littmann Stethoscopes

Frequently Asked Questions
Can I listen to the recordings from my Littmann 3200 directly on the electronic stethoscope or must I first transfer the data to a computer?

You can listen to the recordings directly on the stethoscope. Of course, it is also possible to transfer the data to your computer and save the electronic patient files and view them later.

Can I also use the Littmann 3200 for auscultation of infants?

Yes. The small sensor diameter (15 mm) makes auscultation of children and infants possible with the electronic stethoscope.

I would like to listen to the recording slower. Is that possible?

With the electronic stethoscope, you can listen to recorded soundbites at half speed.

Is the Littmann 3200 also equipped with an anti-chill ring?

Yes. The electronic stethoscope has an anti-chill ring that makes the cardiology exam more pleasant for the patient.

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