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DermLite GL

DermLite GL

Pocket dermatoscope with 2 separate lenses, 6 extra bright LEDs and practical single-hand operation. Compatible with MagnetiConnect adapters.

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DermLite GL Dermatoscope with 2 Lenses

Unlike common dermatoscopes, the DermLite GL from 3Gen is equipped with two lenses instead of only one. Both lenses differ in their magnification and function. While the front, somewhat larger lens features 1.4x magnification, the back, somewhat smaller lens features 6x magnification.

The lens with the lower magnification is especially suited for general, slightly magnified skin exams, while the lens with the stronger magnification is suited for dermoscopy under polarised light or with the help of an immersion liquid. This allows the dermatologist to professionally examine skin changes as well as the surrounding areas without changing the instrument.


Especially Lightweight and Compact

The DermLite GL is only 0.7 cm thick and 16 cm long. The light weight ensures that the dermatoscope sits well in the user's hand and that it is not too heavy when attached to a smartphone. The compact dimensions and the light weight also make the DermLite GL great for user's with smaller hands. 

DermLite GL pocket dermatoscope
390,51 net
464,71 gross
In stock. Expected delivery date: 00.00.0000 6 pm
Protective Cap for DermLite GL Lenses

Plastic Cap to Protect the Lenses

Included with the DermLite GL is a transparent protective cap made of sturdy plastic which is simply slid over each lens when the dermatoscope is not in use. This guards the lenses from contamination and scratches. Furthermore, the protective cap features a clip that is used to attach the DermLite GL to clothing (e.g. in a shirt pocket). The protective cap simultaneously covers the power button on the side of the instrument to prevent you from accidentally turning on the dermatoscope in your pocket. This saves the battery and prevents unnecessary loss of LED longevity.


Simple Operation of the DermLite GL

The DermLite GL is intuitively operated, as it only has a single multifunctional button on the side. By pressing the button, the device turns on and activates the 4 LEDs for the front lens. In this mode, the DermLite GL can be used for general orientation exams. By pressing the multifunctional button again, the 4 LEDs on the back lens turn on. By holding the button for multiple seconds, the device turns off completely.

Product Details for the DermLite GL

  • Smartphone-compatible dermatoscope
  • Can be used for dermoscopy and for general examinations
  • With polarised light for vascular and pigmented structures
  • Single-hand operation via multifunctional button
  • For observing skin lesions under magnification and illumination
  • Also suited for dermoscopy with immersion liquid
  • Compatible with the DermLite MagnetiConnect smartphone adapter
  • Transparent protective cap with pocket clip for attaching to clothing
  • Housing colour: white

    Technical Details for the DermLite GL

    • 2 lenses with 1.4x and 6.0x magnification
    • 6 extra bright, polarised LEDs in two groups (switchable)
    • Extra flat design (only 0.7 mm thick)
    • With Lithium-ion battery (rechargeable)
    • Approx. 2 hours of continuous use with fully-charged battery
    • Automatically turns off after 3 minutes
    • With 4-stage battery charge level display
    • 5 year manufacturer warranty

    DermLite GL and Smartphone Compatibility

    The  DermLite GL dermatoscope can be connected with virtually all smartphones and used for documentation of the exam. There are two different smartphone adapters available for this purpose. 


    The Smartphone/Tablet Adapter with MagnetiConnect

    With this practical smartphone adapter, you only need to choose your model of smartphone and you will receive an adapter that can be used with all smartphone-compatible dermatoscopes from 3Gen as well as the new DermLite GL. The adapter is shaped like a bumper and delivered with an adapter ring with which the smartphone can be precisely attached to the dermatoscope.


    The Universal Smartphone Adapter

    The universal adapter is used either when you want to work with various smartphones and tablets or if your smartphone model is not available in the list of regular smartphone adapters. This adapter was conceived to fit any mobile phone. The holder width and adapter ring position can be individually adjusted to accommodate your phone.

    DermLite GL Smartphone Compatibility

    Regardless of which adapter you are using, the images taken for documentation purposes will be done by the camera function on your phone or tablet. There is no special app for this, as the images can be very simply sent per email, MMS or WhatsApp; likewise, they can be edited with the integrated image editor on your device. This brings the advantage of the user being able to document the examinations no matter which smartphone or tablet he is using.

    Adapters for the DermLite GL

    Smartphone/Tablet Adapters for the DermLite GL

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    Smartphone/Tablet Adapter

    Art. No.: 137848
    EAN: 08500176514018
    • Set consisting of bumper and adapter ring
    • With DermLite MagnetiConnect technology
    • Particularly easy handling
    • For use with specific DermLite models
    • Enables quick documentation and management
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    DermLite Universal Smartphone Adaptor

    Art. No.: 136139
    EAN: 08559970061112
    • Adjustable universal adaptor for dermatoscopes
    • Usable with smartphones with a width from 55 - 98 mm
    • Compatible with many DermLite models
    • Easy attachment
    • Material: aluminium
    € 75,00 net
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