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SonoScape M22 Ultrasound System

The SonoScape M22 is used for precise sonography in specialties such as internal medicine, gynaecology and urology. It convinces with various functions and a high-resolution image quality.

13.995,00 net
16.654,05 gross

The Advanced SonoScape M22 Ultrasound System

The versatile SonoScape M22 ultrasound machine features numerous imaging modes, a wide range of applications and user-friendly operation, and is particularly appealing due to its high-resolution image quality. In addition to the ultrasound unit, the scope of delivery also includes an ECG device and two ultrasound transducers. Depending on the specialty, you can choose between a linear and convex transducer, a convex and endocavitary transducer or a volumetric convex and linear transducer.


High quality & functional equipment

  • In a high-quality and compact design
  • High-resolution, vertically and horizontally tiltable 18.5" wide-angle LED display
  • 8" smart touch screen with pre-installed parameters and calculations
  • Illuminated silicone keyboard for easier operation in darkened rooms
  • Individually programmable direct keys for faster workflows
  • Ultrasound trolley equipped with 4 lockable castors and an ergonomic handle
  • Provides a convenient tray for thermal printers
  • ECG device included
  • Integrated rechargeable battery lasts for 2.5 hours in continuous operation
  • Also includes a pull-out input keyboard for recording patient data
  • Optionally available: foot switch and various probes
  • Fast and convenient recording of patient data
  • Storage capacity: > 500 GB
  • Features 4 probe slots and 1 pin probe connection
  • Data transfer: DICOM 3.0, AVI/JPG, USB2.0, HDD, DVD, PDF report

The SonoScape M22 ultrasound system combines functionality with modern design. It is particularly compact and is versatile thanks to the ultrasound trolley, which is equipped with 4 lockable castors and an ergonomically shaped handle and can therefore be used effortlessly in several rooms of the doctor's office or clinic. The high-resolution, wide-angle LCD display can be tilted both vertically and horizontally for optimal adjustment to the user's sitting position and height, while the individually programmable direct keys can be personalised for faster workflows.

To further optimise workflows, the ultrasound unit has a practical smart touch screen. Not only is it easy to use, but with pre-installed parameters and calculations, it also ensures a lower risk of incorrect examination settings. To facilitate working in darkened rooms, SonoScape's advanced ultrasound system is additionally equipped with an illuminated silicone keypad.


Innovative and Comprehensive Technology

SonoScape's ultrasound system uses innovative imaging technologies such as PHI and Compound Image and has numerous imaging modes. Therefore, it is used in various specialties such as gynaecology, cardiology, urology, orthopaedics, and internal medicine.

Above all, it excels due to its excellent image resolution and functionality. Among other things, the device records blood flow data, displays even the smallest vessels and measures velocities. This creates diagnostic images without overflow and with less background noise, allowing the user to concentrate on the essentials.

With the help of trapezoidal imaging, multiple data can be obtained simultaneously. This not only increases the accuracy and precision of the examination, but also shortens scan time.

As a special extra, the imaging modes S-Depth and S-Live are already pre-installed on the M22 ultrasound systems available from us. These enable even more realistic imaging when examining foetuses.


Imaging Technology

Phased Inversation Harmonic Imaging (PHI)

PHI balances the fundamental wave by emitting two ultrasonic waves of opposite phase and doubles the harmonic to reduce noise and clutter. The user is therefore guaranteed a higher-contrast image resolution that also makes fine lesions, small structures, vessels, etc. visible.

Compound Imaging

This technology superimposes images by deflecting sound beams and different frequency ranges. This way, ideal resolution, interfering pixel reduction and edge detection can be achieved.


µ-scan technology improves visibility of organs and lesions by suppressing interfering pixel artefacts with high-definition contrast resolution.


B-Steer improves visualisation of puncture needles during ultrasound-guided punctures and injections. This way, the user can perform the treatment more precisely and reduces the risk of injuries.


Imaging Modes

THI Tissue Harmonic Image, B-mode (2D mode: 2B; 4B), M-mode, TDI, Color M-mode, AVC, CFM, PDI (DPI), DPDI (DirPDI, DDPI), PW, CW, 3D, 4D, Triplex, TEI, Auto IMT, anatomical M-mode, automatic flow analysis, S-Depth, S-Live, C-xlasto, Stress Echo


Extensive and Discipline-Specific Transducer Selection

To take full advantage of the features and applications of the SonoScape M22 ultrasound system and to meet the needs of any specialist group, many additional optional transducers compatible with the SonoScape M22 ultrasound system are available. We offer three different bundle packages for the specialities of gynaecology, urology and internal medicine:

Bundle 1: M22 ultrasound system + 3C-A convex transducer + L742 linear transducer

Bundle 2: M22 ultrasound system + 3C-A convex transducer + 6V3 endocavitary transducer

Bundle 3: M22 ultrasound system + VC6-2 volumetric convex + L742 linear transducer

Please note that complementary matching biopsy attachments are available for all compatible transducers.


Technical Specifications of the Transducers


3C-A Convex Transducer

  • Frequency: 3.2 MHz
  • Frequency range: 1 - 7 MHz
  • Elements: 128
  • FOV: 60°
  • Acoustic lens: 60 x 18 mm

L742 Linear Transducer

  • Frequency: 8 MHz
  • Frequency range: 4 - 16 MHz
  • Elements: 192
  • FOV: 38 mm
  • Acoustic lens: 42 x 10 mm

6V3Endocavity Transducer

  • Frequency: 6 MHz
  • Frequency range: 3 - 15 MHz
  • Elements: 192
  • FOV: 194°
  • Acoustic lens: 41 x 10 mm

VC6-2 Volumetric Convex Transducer

  • Frequency: 3.8 MHz
  • Frequency range: 2 - 7 MHz
  • Image depth: up to 240 mm
  • FOV: 68°
  • Acoustic lens: 150 x 86 mm 
Additional Compatible Ultrasound Transducers Available in Our Shop

Additional Compatible Ultrasound Transducers Available in Our Shop

SonoScape Medical Corp

SonoScape Linear Transducer

€ 2.799,00 net
€ 3.330,81 gross
SonoScape Medical Corp

Convex Transducer C353

€ 2.799,00 net
€ 3.330,81 gross
SonoScape Medical Corp

SonoScape Endocavitary Transducer

from € 2.499,00 net
from € 2.973,81 gross
SonoScape Medical Corp

Linear Laparoscopy Transducer LAP7

€ 19.495,00 net
€ 23.199,05 gross
SonoScape Medical Corp

SonoScape Pencil Transducer

€ 1.499,00 net
€ 1.783,81 gross
SonoScape Medical Corp

SonoScape Phased Array Transducer 2P1

€ 2.499,00 net
€ 2.973,81 gross
SonoScape Medical Corp

SonoScape Transrectal Transducer EC9-5

€ 2.799,00 net
€ 3.330,81 gross
SonoScape Medical Corp

SonoScape micro-convex transducer C613

€ 2.799,00 net
€ 3.330,81 gross
SonoScape Medical Corp

SonoScape Volume Transducer VC6-2

€ 4.299,00 net
€ 5.115,81 gross
SonoScape Medical Corp

SonoScape Phased Array Transducer 5P1

€ 2.499,00 net
€ 2.973,81 gross
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