Branolind 7,5 x 10cm, 10 pieces
Human / Dressing Material / Bandage Material / Compresses
Art. No.: 602555
Paul Hartmann
EAN: 4049500207102 Branolind
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The Branolind Ointment Dressing consists of wide-mesh cotton fabric, and is impregnated with a drug-free ointment made of pure Vaseline. This skin neutral ointment makes Branolind particularly well suited for patients with sensitive skin and drug intolerance.


Product details

  • Branolind Ointment Dressings
  • Made of wide-mesh cotton fabric
  • Impregnated with Vaseline ointment
  • Drug-free
  • Does not stick to the wound
  • Painless bandage changes
  • Skin neutral
  • Very well suited for treating patients with sensitive skin
  • Can easily be cut to size as required
  • Available in various sizes


Mode of action of the Branolind Ointment Dressing

  • Keeps wound edges smooth
  • Protects wounds from drying out
  • Promotes granulation and reepithelialisation
  • Prevents the formation of scar contractures
  • Ensures good ventilation
  • Provides unimpeded drainage of secretions and prevents the formation of moist chambers


Areas of application for the Branolind Ointment Dressing

  • For general wound treatment
  • Keeps wound surfaces and borders smooth
  • Covers burns as well as large-area scraping or crack wounds
  • Suitable for use in plastic and cosmetic surgery
  • Covers the donor sites for skin transplantation
  • Fixes donor skin transplants
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