Wound-Healing Gel and Hydro-Active Ointment Compresses - Hydrotüll 5 x 5cm
Human / Dressing Material / Bandage Material / Compresses
Art. No.: 602299
Paul Hartmann
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https://static.praxisdienst.com/out/pictures/master/product/1/hartmann_hydrotuell_602299_1(1).jpg Wound-Healing Gel and Hydro-Active Ointment Compresses - Hydrotüll
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Wound-Healing Gel and Hydro-Active Ointment Compresses - Hydrotüll


Hydrotüll is a hydro-active ointment compress for simple treatment of acute and chronic wounds. While the ointment treats the wound edges, the hydrocolloid particles provide a moist wound ambient which is decisive for the healing of the wound. Hydrotüll is used as easily as an ointment compress and can be combined with all popular dressings and bandages.

  • Care for the wound edges through ointment
  • The honeycomb structure permits unrestricted exudate-drainage
  • Faster healing of the wound: The hydro-active particles keep the wound moist
  • Can be left on the wound for several days
  • Do not cause trauma on changing of bandage: Does not stick to the wound
  • Easy handling: Easily sliceable
  • Individually sterile packed

Delivered in packages of 10 pieces.


For treatment of acute and chronic surface wounds of any kind, particularly in the granulation and epithelisation phase, when hydro-active treatment is desirable and the wound edges require special care.

Mode of action

Hydro-active ointment compresses of hydrophobic wide-meshed lattice tulle from polyamide, impregnated with hydro-active ointment, which build a water-in-oil emulsion upon absorption of wound exudate. Its hydrocolloid particles absorb liquid from the wound and store it to form a triglyceride gel combined with the emulsion, which creates an optimal wound ambient and at the same time heals the wound edges.

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