Compridur Short-Stretch Bandage, 5m Length 6cm
Human / Dressing Material / Bandage Material / Elastic Bandages
Art. No.: 602329
BSN medical
EAN: 04042809101010 Compridur Short-Stretch Bandage, 5m Length
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Compridur short-stretch bandage


Compridur is a permanently elastic short-stretch bandage for compression bandages use at indications for phlebology and lymphology. The short-stretch bandage is characterised by its durable hold and long shelf life and can be washed multiple times. The Compridur short-stretch bandage combines the ideal pressure effect of a short-stretch bandage with the advantages of elasticity and also has excellent wearing properties.

Product details

  • Permanently elastic short-stretch bandage for use in phlebology and lymphology
  • Made of 80% cotton and 20% polyamide
  • Bandage ends do not fray
  • Muscle pump is activated and supported
  • Low pressure when static, high pressure when used
  • Longitudinal stretch of approx. 50%
  • Latex-free
  • Insensitive to sweat, grease and ointments
  • Breathable and skin-friendly
  • Good edge stability
  • Can be sterilised
  • Roll length: 5m
  • 10 pcs.


Area of application

The Compridur short-stretch bandage is suitable for compression bandaging at indications for phlebology and lymphology in order to support muscle pump and improve the haemodynamics of venous return as well as reduce the venous or lymphatic stasis during or after:

  • varicosis
  • chronic venous insufficiency (including venous leg ulcers and venous oedema)
  • venous surgery or vein sclerotherapy
  • thrombophlebitis
  • phlebothrombosis
  • primary or secondary lymphoedema
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