Tricoplast 2.5m Length 6cm
Human / Dressing Material / Bandage Material / Elastic Bandages
Art. No.: 602348
BSN medical
EAN: 04042809044485 Tricoplast 2.5m Length
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Tricoplast is an adhesive bandage with lengthways and widthways elasticity coated with acrylic adhesive, which can be individually moulded even to contoured areas of the body.

  • Adhesive bandage with lengthways and widthways elasticity coated with acrylic adhesive, hypoallergenic.
  • Roll length 2.5m
  • 12 pcs.

Tricoplast product properties

Tricoplast is a self-adhesive bandage with simultaneous lengthways and widthways elasticity. The maximum stretch of the bandage is 60% lengthways and 30 % widthways. The backing material is made from 100% water-repellent cotton fabric. Tricoplast adhesive bandages can be removed from hairy skin painlessly and can be applied to sensitive skin for long periods.

  • High compression effect
  • Easy to unroll
  • Radiotranslucent fabric
  • Can be sterilised
  • Non-slip
  • Latex-free
  • 100% waterproof cotton fabric coated with an acrylate composition
  • Duration of use: short-term up to several days


Fields of application

  • Increases the return flow in cases of insufficiency of the venous and lymphatic system, particularly the legs, as well as related disorders (e.g. thrombosis, venous ulcers, thrombophlebitis)
  • Local compression treatment
  • Swelling after haematoma
  • Functional treatment for injuries to muscles, ligaments and joints and for protection against injury in previously damaged joints
  • Use as an underwrap before applying Leukotape®
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