Curagard cannula plasters AP (7 x 6cm)
Human / Dressing Material / Bandage Material / Plasters / Adhesive Tape
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EAN: 4021447301150 Curagard cannula plasters
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Curagard cannula plasters

The Curagard cannula plaster by Lohmann-Rauscher is used to secure peripheral and central catheters. It is made of a transparent, breathable membrane that protects the puncture site against bacteria and liquids, a foam frame and elastic retention strips for securing the catheter tube. Thanks to the transparent membrane, the puncture site can be monitored at all times without removing the dressing. 
Curagard cannula plasters are available in the AP (7 x 6 cm) or TPN (13 x 10 cm) versions. 
Product details
  • Curagard cannula plasters
  • Suitable for securing peripheral and central catheters 
  • Transparent, breathable membrane 
  • Foam frame 
  • Elastic retention strips 
  • Offers a barrier against bacteria and liquids 
  • Protects the puncture site and the surrounding skin and secures the catheter 
  • Frame and retention strips made of polyethylene foam, diaphragm made of polyurethane with polyacrylate adhesive 
  • Rectangular shape 
  • Curagard AP dimensions: 7 x 6cm | Curagard TPN: 13 x 10cm 
  • Skin-friendly adhesive 
  • Transparent membrane allows the puncture site to be monitored at all times without having to remove the dressing 
  • 1 pack of 25 dressings (Curagard TPN) or 100 dressings (Curagard AP)
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