Pro-ophta D Eye Dressing 1 piece
Human / Dressing Material / Bandage Material / Plasters / Adhesive Tape
Art. No.: 134379
EAN: 4021447342252 Pro-ophta D Eye Dressing
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  • Light-impermeable eye bandage
  • Skin-friendly hold
  • Quick application
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Pro-ophta D Eye Dressing 

Pro-ophta D Eye Dressing with an opaque monocular disc that prevents light from entering the eye and is thus, particularly suitable for light-sensitive patients. Thanks to the skin-friendly adhesive, this Lohmann-Rauscher eye dressing can also be used in the context of long-term therapy. The easy-to-apply dressing is available either individually or in an economical storage box of 50 pieces. 
Product Details 
  • Pro-ophta D Eye Dressing
  • Opaque monocular dressing 
  • Rigid, shatter-proof disc 
  • Reliable and skin-friendly fixation due to porous synthetic rubber adhesive coating 
  • Quick application 
  • Skin-coloured non-woven base layer 
  • Reliable protection of the eye 
  • Ideal for light-sensitive patients 
  • Suitable for covering the eye during the night 
  • Non-sterile 
  • Individually sealed 
  • Dimensions: 7.2 x 10 cm 
  • Disc diameter: 4.6 cm 
  • 0.6 cm disc convexity 
  • Available individually or in storage boxes of 50 
Product composition: fleece base layer, light-impermeable and breathable centre, skin-friendly synthetic rubber adhesive. 
Applications of the Pro-ophta D Eye Dressing 
  • To protect the eye, e.g. following ptosis surgery, and in cases of facial paresis, lagophthalmos and sicca syndrome 
  • To cover the eye during the night 
  • Ideal for use on light-sensitive patients 
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