Stülpa Tubular Bandage Size 0 (1.5cm x 15m)
Human / Dressing Material / Bandage Material / Tubular Bandages
Art. No.: 602198
Paul Hartmann
EAN: 4049500302210 Stülpa Tubular Bandage
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Stülpa Bandage from Hartmann

Stülpa is a seamless knit tubular bandage in roll form that can be cut to the desired length. Stülpa tubular bandages are longitudinally and transversely elastic, absorbent and breathable and can be worn comfortably. Thanks to its uniform surface, the tubular bandage does not loosen, even when under mechanical stress.

Product Details

  • Stülpa seamlessly knit tubular bandage
  • Two-way elasticity
  • Breathable, absorbent, comfortable to wear
  • 70% viscose, 30% cotton
  • No ladders when cut
  • Fits without folds
  • Does not constrict, does not slip
  • Can be sterilised (steam 134 °C)
  • 1 roll per box


Stülpa tubular bandages are used for dressing retention on all parts of the body. The tubular bandages are also ideal for immobilisation (Desault's bandage) and extension bandages, lining or covering for zinc paste and plaster of Paris bandages, cushioned trunk bandages, covering splints and undercast padding.

Stülpa Tubular Bandages are available in the following sizes:

Size Suited for: Width Roll Length
Size 0 toes and children's fingers 1.5 cm  15 Metres
Size 1 fingers  2.5 cm 15 Metres
Size 2 arms and children's legs and feet 6 cm 15 Metres 
Size 3 hands, feet and legs, children's head and axillae 8 cm 15 Metres
Size 4 head and legs, axillae, face masks  10 cm  15 Metres
Size 5 children's trunk, extension bandages, head, thighs and axillae 12 cm 15 Metres
Size 6 children's trunk and thighs  15 cm   6 Metres 
Size 7 Desault's bandage, trunk and oversized thigh bandages  21 cm   6 Metres
Size 8 Desault's and trunk bandages 24 cm   6 Metres
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