tg Tubular Bandage 5m | Size 1
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Art. No.: 603624
EAN: 4021447240206 tg Tubular Bandage
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  • Skin-friendly and knitted without seams
  • Low creasing application
  • Can be sterilised as needed
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tg Tubular Bandage

The tg tubular bandage by Lohmann-Rauscher is a skin-friendly, seamlessly knitted bandage that doesn't crease when being applied and is thus suitable as an excellent base for plaster and cast dressings. Thanks to its high level of stretchability, this tubular bandage is also very easy to apply to body parts that are difficult to bandage. 
The tg tubular bandage is available in different lengths and in one of eight sizes to suit your needs.  
Product Details 
  • tg tubular bandage 
  • Seamlessly knitted from fine yarns 
  • Skin-friendly 
  • Stretchable widthways 
  • Can be applied with minimal creases – ideal as a base bandage 
  • Non-constricting
  • Colour: white 
  • Material: 67% cotton, 33% viscose 
  • Can be sterilised with steam at 121°C if required 
  • Available in various lengths (5 meters or 20 meters) 
  • Available in various sizes 
  • Roll goods in a practical dispenser carton 
Applications of the tg Tubular Bandage
  • As a skin-friendly base beneath plaster and cast dressings 
  • For securing bandages on body parts that are technically difficult to bandage (e.g. torso, head and finger)
  • For securing padding material 
  • For very light compression dressings 
The tg Tubular Bandage is available in the following sizes 
Size Width Suitable for: 
Size 1 1.4cm fingers, toes 
Size 2 2.3cm fingers, toes 
Size 3 3.0cm several fingers, child's arm 
Size 5 5.5cm arm, lower leg, child's leg 
Size 6 6.5cm arm, leg (medium)
Size 7 7.0cm arm (large), leg, child's head
Size 9 8.5cm upper leg (large), head, armpit
Size 12 12.0cm upper leg (large), head (large), child's torso
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tg Tubular Bandage
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