tg ready-to-wear vest dressing small
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tg vest dressing

The tg ready-to-wear vest dressing is not only suitable for covering large skin conditions (e.g. on the chest or back), but also as a ready-to-use layer beneath plaster or cast dressings. Through the use of pure, non-degreased and non-optically brightened cotton, the vest dressing provides good wear comfort. The tri-elastic material is transversely stretchable, soft and comfortable, and can be both washed and sterilised. 
Product details 
  • tg vest dressing
  • Short-sleeved 
  • Soft and gentle 
  • Ribbed fabric, natural white, 100% cotton, non-degreased and not optically brightened 
  • Can be washed and sterilised (steam at 134°C) and so is ideal for long-term therapy 
  • High skin compatibility 
  • The tri-elastic material is transversely stretchable and so is good for intermediate sizes 
  • Quick and easy to manage 
  • Available in 2 sizes 
  • 1 piece 
The tg vest dressing is available in 2 sizes:
  • Small (ladies' sizes 36-44, men's sizes 42-50)
  • Large (ladies' sizes up to 46, men's sizes up to 56)
Applications of the tg vest dressing
  • For covering large skin conditions (e.g. on the back, abdomen or chest)
  • As a ready-to-use layer beneath plaster and cast dressings 
Please note: 
When applying a long-term dressing, it is possible to put on two vests over each other and to use a special plaster technique so the vest closest to the body can be changed. This provides the major benefits of better personal hygiene and greater comfort for the patient. 
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