octenilin Wound Irrigation Solution
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Octenilin Wound Irrigation Solution

Octenilin wound irrigation solution is an octenidine-based cleaning solution for fast, gentle and effective cleaning of wounds.

Advantages of octenilin Wound Irrigation Solution:

  • Excellent cleaning performance
  • Pain-free application
  • Suitable for all stages of wound healing
  • Dissolves even stubborn biofilm
  • Wide spectrum of activity

Thanks to the active ingredient ethylhexylglycerin, the surface tension of this wound irrigation solution is reduced so much that the wound is moistened optimally and even hard-to-reach parts of the wound are cleaned thoroughly.
The active ingredient octenidine is characterised by its excellent cleaning performance, which prevents it from building up resistance, even when used frequently or regularly.
Thanks to the octenidine, the octenilin wound irrigation solution cleans not only gently and thoroughly, but it also effectively removes biofilms, such as those formed by staphylococcus aureus. The removal of biofilms with octenilin wound irrigation solution is shown to reduce the number of micro-organisms contained in the wound and thus significantly improve wound healing.

Applications for octenilin Wound Irrigation Solution:

  • Wound cleaning
  • Removal of wound coatings and biofilms
  • Creates an ideal wound healing environment
  • Conserves moisture in swabs and wound dressings
  • Loosens encrusted and stuck dressings


Octenilin wound irrigation solution is not only versatile and easy to use, but can also be applied through a variety of methods.

  • Apply from a bottle or syringe
  • Dab with a swab or soaked compress
  • Rinse out with a buttoned cannula or irrigation syringe
  • Soak dressing


Octenilin wound irrigation solution comes in a practical spray bottle, which is also suitable for direct application.
350ml octenilin wound irrigation solution

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