Cast Bandages

Cast Bandages

In the category cast bandages, we have compiled classic plaster casts, modern cast dressings and other stabilising dressings.
Both plaster casts and cast dressings are used for the mechanical fixation of bone fractures, immobilising injuries such as ruptured ligaments. They also come in handy following severe strains or surgical treatments. Our selection contains classic plaster casts, as well as lighter, more patient-friendly cast dressing and languettes for setting splint dressings.
Furthermore, we also offer ready-to-use, rigid and elastic zinc paste dressings by well-known manufacturers such as Hartmann, BSN and Lohmann-Rauscher at affordable prices. The semi-rigid compression bandages can be used, for example, in follow-up care for fractures, tendinitis or sprains.
You will find accessories for the production and setting of plaster casts, cast dressings and zinc paste dressings in our cast bandages category.

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