Elastomull® haft Fixation Bandage, 20m Length 4cm, 1 piece
Human / Dressing Material / Surgical Dressings / Gauze & Crepe Bandages
Art. No.: 602146
BSN medical
EAN: 4042809021974
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Elastomull® haft fixation bandage


Elastomull® haft is a cohesive elastic bandage which is coated with polymer. Thanks to this coating, the individual layers adhere better to each other – resulting in a wrinkle-free, secure fit. Elastomull® haft has excellent elasticity, which persists even after long periods of use. The Elastomull® haft fixation bandage adheres to itself, but not to skin, hair or clothing.


Product details

  • Elastomull® haft cohesive, elastic fixation bandage
  • Coated with polymer
  • Latex-free
  • Excellent, wrinkle-free hold
  • Highly elastic, crimped polyamide fibres
  • Very good elasticity
  • Composition: 40% cotton, 30% viscose, 30% polyamide
  • Colour: white


Area of application

Elastomull® haft fixation bandages can be used for fixing dressings on all body parts, especially on joints. In addition, the bandage can be used to prevent friction under compression bandages and as a light support bandage.

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Elastomull® haft Fixation Bandage, 20m Length 4cm, 1 piece

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