Wound Closure

Wound Closure

In the wound closure category, you will find all the common products used in professional wound closure.
For surgical wound closure, we offer individually sterile packaged needle-and-thread combinations, available in various designs. Whether you need monofilament, multifilament, absorbent or non-absorbent suture materials - we offer the right solution for every treatment situation.
As an alternative to a needle and thread combination, you will also find tissue adhesives and skin staplers. The advantage of both stapling and adhering wounds lies in the large time savings and the reduced risk of infection.
Smaller, non-gaping wounds can be quickly and easily closed using wound closure strips.
Explore our wide selection of high-quality, proven products relating to wound closure and benefit from our affordable prices, at Praxisdienst.

More categories with Wound Closure

  • Skin Glue & Haemostatic Agents Skin Glue & Haemostatic Agents

    As an alternative to surgical sutures, medical glue provides especially fast, pain-free and atraumatic wound closure with a reduced risk of infection.

  • Skin Staplers Skin Staplers

    Discover our large selection of disposable and reusable skin staplers and matching skin staple removers, and take advantage of our attractive bulk-purchase discounts.

  • Suture Suture

    Surgical needle and thread combinations for the closure of surgical wounds and other gaping wounds. Available as absorbant and non-absorbant suture.

  • Steri-Strips Steri-Strips

    Wound closure strips for fast, pain-free and atraumatic wound closure. Available in a range of varieties and sizes.