Histoacryl Tissue Adhesive
Human / Dressing Material / Wound Closure / Skin Glue & Haemostatic Agents
Art. No.: 126137
B. Braun Petzold
EAN: 04038653704811
https://static.praxisdienst.com/out/pictures/master/product/1/126137.jpg Histoacryl Tissue Adhesive
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  • Only 10 second polymerisation time
  • Protects wound with antibacterial film
  • Easy and precise dosing
Quantity: per 5 piece
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Histoacryl Skin Glue

Histoacryl skin glue is excellent for closing smooth and fresh skin wounds. The polymerisation time is only 10 seconds and then an antibacterial film protects the wound. Histoacryl skin glue is easy to use for precise dosing. The use of Histoacryl tissue adhesive leaves no additional trauma and an additional visit to the doctor would be redundant, as no threads or staples will need to be removed.


Product Details for Histoacryl Skin Glue

  • For the adhesion of smooth, fresh skin wounds
  • Only 10-second polymerisation time
  • No removal of stitches necessary
  • No risk of infection through stitch tracks
  • 1 Pack contains 5x 0.5 ml ampoules

Advantages of Histoacryl:

  • No pain from suture or staples
  • Saves time and costs (no local anaesthetics, no stitches/staple removal, no second consultation)
  • Antibacterial film protects the wound
  • No additional wound dressing necessary
  • Rapid wound closure
  • Superior tensile strength compared to other skin adhesives
  • Simple and precise dosage thanks to slim cannula and blue dye
  • Application of a single layer of adhesive is sufficient
  • Showering permitted following application

The Histoacryl tissue seal consists of n-butyl-2-cyanoacrylate, a monomer, which polymerises rapidly on contact with tissue fluids. Histoacryl is dyed in order to enable simple control over the amount applied. This skin glue is supplied in a sterile plastic ampoule with a twist-off top.

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