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Bags and Kits

Emergency bags and backpacks are used to transport emergency medical equipment safely and conveniently. They must be clearly arranged to make finding the right item quick and easy, even in stressful situations.

In this category, we offer a large selection of high-quality bags and rucksacks, special for use by emergency services. The emergency bags and backpacks that we offer here are particularly robust and are characterised by their practical layout.

You will also find emergency bags made from a waterproof canvas material for especially difficult terrain and outdoor use in wet conditions, which reliably protect your equipment from moisture and dirt.

You can customize the content of many of our bags to suit your needs by using our handy emergency bag configurator - This way, your bag will only contain the products that you really need.

Our assortment is rounded out with a wide selection of first aid kits for small and medium-sized services, as well as appropriate refill materials.

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