First Aid Equipment

First Aid Equipment

When it comes to first aid equipment, one often thinks of the items used for acute treatments for emergency patients. In this category, we have gathered a great selection of products to be put to use during rescue, transportation and immediate treatment of patients, in emergency situations.

Included among our assortment of first aid equipment are stretchers, rescue towels, immobilising braces , resuscitation aids, cold compresses, rescue blankets, emergency tourniquettes and eye rinsing solutions.

You will find many other products for first aid procedures and transportation, as well as general first aid equipment, in the emergency category of our Praxisdienst online shop.

More categories with First Aid Equipment

  • Eye Wash Eye Wash

    Eye wash can be used to rinse out either foreign bodies or chemicals. Here, you will find first aid rinses for eyes.

  • First Aid Consumables First Aid Consumables

    Here, you will find consumables for fast treatment of emergency patients e.g. replant sets, cold packs and more.

  • Rescue and Transport Rescue and Transport

    Here, you will find products for the rescue and transportation of injured patients, such as scoop stretchers and recovery seats from Söhngen.