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Pulse Oximeter

Pulse oximeters measure oxygen saturation in blood. There are two distinct types of pulse oximeters: finger pulse oximeters that operate wirelessly and are simply clipped on to the finger, and hand-held pulse oximeters that measure oxygen saturation in the patient using (generally replaceable) sensors.

While finger pulse oximeters are suitable for the equipment of emergency bags or to take random checks during home visits, hand-held pulse oximeters are used, for instance, to monitor hospitalised patients. Depending on the type of device used, it may be necessary to connect a temperature probe so that the pulse oximeter can be used not only to measure oxygen saturation and pulse rate, but also body temperature.

Patient monitoring with a pulse oximeter is an important precautionary measure, particularly in sedated patients and/or those subject to artificial respiration, or accident victims. A drop in oxygen saturation in the blood can lead to brain damage or can even be fatal in the worst case scenario. High-quality pulse oximeters therefore have an alarm function that alerts medical staff if there is a drop in oxygen saturation levels.

We provide pulse oximeters from prestigious manufacturers, such as Edan, Mindray or Nonin. Visit our Emergency category and discover not only our high-quality pulse oximeters, but also our wide range of emergency management products.

Would you like to purchase a pulse oximeter or do you have any questions? Our customer service team is always happy to help! Contact us for more information.