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Leasing and instalment payments are modern forms of financing which are worthy of consideration in many situations. Use our online calculator to calculate your individual rate.

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The benefits of leasing at a glance:

Conserve liquidity
Invest without capital expenditure. Your working capital, line of credit and securities from the bank remain unaffected.

Pay as you earn
Since the leasing costs are paid as you gain income or benefit from the leased property, you are able to pay for the lease payments out of the current income.

Ability to plan
Lease payments are constant and fixed over the entire period of the lease, meaning that there are no increases in interest rates and you can be sure of the costs you will have to pay.

Fully tax deductible
Lease payments are fully tax deductible as business expenses.

Leasing has no impact on the balance sheet
Investments through leasing are not considered a loan or liability and make your balance sheet look better. There are no problems related to depreciation.

Respond flexibly

You can respond flexibly to changing market conditions by making new purchases immediately. You do not have to wait until reserves from profits allow investment.

Fixed-term leasing
"Fixed-term leasing", as opposed to "buying forever", allows you to rethink how up-to-date your business assets are, both technically and economically.

Our current lease terms at a glance:

Up to EUR 4,000.00   Up to EUR 7,000.00   Up to EUR 15,000.00
Term Factor
24 months 0.04675
36 months 0.03194
48 months 0.02454
54 months 0.02208
Term Factor
24 months 0.04841
36 months 0.03397
48 months 0.02668
54 months 0.02208
Term Factor
24 months 0.04631
36 months 0.03164
48 months 0.02431
54 months 0.02197

How you can calculate your monthly lease rate:
Value of goods (gross) x factor = monthly lease payment

Example of lease with a term of 36 months at a value of EUR 5,000.00

5,000.00 x 0.03397 = 169.85

The monthly lease payment will be EUR 169.85.

Please use our online calculator or let us calculate an individual offer for you in cases of larger projects from approx. EUR 7,000.00.


Payment by instalments
You can pay in up to 24 small monthly instalments!

Our current terms for instalment payments at a glance:

Number of monthly instalments Interest charge per month
4 0.75 %
8 0.70 %
12 0.68 %
24 0.67 %

How you can calculate your monthly instalment:
(Value of goods, gross x interest charge) / monthly rate = monthly instalment

Example of an instalment payment with a term of 8 months at a value of EUR 500.00

Value of goods EUR 500.00
Interest charge (500.00 x 0.70 x 8) / 100 EUR 28.00
Partial payment price (value + interest charges) EUR 528.00

The monthly rate is EUR 528.00: 8 = EUR 66.00

Please use our online calculator.