Couches and Tables

Couches and Tables

Many medical examinations and treatments are performed on couches or tables, providing the doctor with easy access to all parts of the patient's body and thus, allowing for more comfortable working conditions. In the category «Couches and Tables», Praxisdienst offers a comprehensive selection of professional patient tables for use in doctors' surgeries, practices and hospitals. With us, you will not only find classic exam tables, but also ECG tables, paediatric examination couches, fold down tables and stretchers.

Of course, we also provide a wide assortment of manual and electronic, height-adjustable massage tables, which are ideal for equipping physiotherapy and massage practices. For gynaecological examinations and treatment, we offer a wide selection of special gynaecology chairs that allow the patients to comfortable lie in a variety of positions.

In addition to examination tables for ambulances, you will also find nursing beds that can be used for home patient care or equipping patient rooms in care facilities. Our assortment is completed by compatible accessories for our various tables, such as couch/table covers, floor mats or neck pillows.

More categories with Couches and Tables

  • ECG Tables ECG Tables

    Special ECG tables for performing ECGs and echocardiography, also available with a practical upholstered cutout.

  • Gynaecology Chairs Gynaecology Chairs

    Shop gynaecological examination chairs in various models and colours, with many practical adjustment settings, at affordable prices.

  • Table Covers & Sheets Table Covers & Sheets

    In this category, we offer compatible accessories for your couches and exam tables, from table covers and sheets to floor mats and neck bolsters.

  • Massage Couches and Chairs Massage Couches and Chairs

    Browse our wide array of massage couches and chairs for portable or stationary use. You will also find massage tables with electrical height adjustment.

  • Operating Tables Operating Tables

    In this category, you will find operating tables for mobile operations as well as X-ray tables, chiropody tables and even cosmetic and other special treatment chairs.

  • Paediatric Exam Tables Paediatric Exam Tables

    Here, you will find special examination tables for children in child-friendly designs. These examination couches are designed to perfectly meet your paediatric requirements.

  • Nursing Beds Nursing Beds

    Professional nursing beds for bedridden and high-maintenance patients - suitable for home patient care and use in care facilities.

  • Transport & PACU Beds Transport & PACU Beds

    Patient transport and PACU beds for moving injured or unconscious patients, equipped with smooth-rolling castors and side rails.

  • Examination Couches Examination Couches

    Praxisdienst offers a wide selection of exam tables and treatment couches in a variety of colours at affordable prices.